Our Difference

The Brain and Bizo behind Lash Addict Lashes.

Introducing our beautiful Carly Withers.

Carly’s lash journey started 12 years ago when she was pregnant with her son.

She competed her first lash course in 2010- At the time she was working 9-5 plus outrageous overtime as an accounting manager at a global transport company.

She anticipated she would lash family and friends as a little side hustle, little did she know that she would end up loving, living and breathing the art of lashing.

Carly’s home lash business grew quickly and she found herself working her regular job during the day and lashing most nights and weekends whilst her bump grew. Carly worked from home lashing up until 2 days before her son was born! Carly took maternity leave from her full-time job (with the plan always being to return after her leave was finished) She however took ONLY 3 weeks off before she was back lashing all her beautiful and loyal lash clients from home.

In the time Carly was on maternity leave her lash business went from strength to strength. Her appointments were back to back & she was earning more $ working the hours she wanted to around her baby so she made the very big and risky decision to QUIT her full time accounting job and make lashing her career and has never looked back.

She has invested lots of time into finding great, quality lash products & putting together training material that she can pass on to each and every one of her valued students. With a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks learnt and applied over almost a decade, Carly definitely knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Lashies.

Outside Carly’s Lash Life she is mum to a very funny 8-year-old boy, named Krueger. She is an animal lover, CrossFit dedicated and a big fan of all the good foods!

In her spare time she can be found training at the CrossFit box, spending time with her son, cooking or teaching her animals new tricks. 

Carly has dogs, rabbits & 10 goats. She is renowned to take in lost animals and either keep them or re- home them!

A very busy, no nonsense, generous woman who is thankful and enjoying the journey she is currently on.