Beginners Volume Training

Beginners Volume Training

Beginners Volume is the perfect package for those who are wanting to learn all styles of lashes.  Our Course includes; Classic, Volume, Hybrid and Mega Volume.

We Dive deep into everything you need to know about lashes, and provide you with all our tips, tricks and secrets to becoming an amazing Lash Artist.

Included in this course are business modules where we go through what you need to do to set up your own business. We provide you with information, forms, policies and procedures to FAST TRACK & STREAMLINE your lash business.  These forms can all be customized with your Business Logo.

You also receive to our online version of the course for 3 months as a bonus, where you can replay video demonstrations and view all theory and forms.

Once the course is complete, we still love to help and ensure your success and are available for you to ask questions!



This course runs over 2 full days and a 1/2 half day follow up ( over a duration of approx. 6 weeks), and you will receive 2 kits and certificate on completion.

Our class begins with a morning of theory which leads into learning the practical application on your live model.

*Please refer to main training page for a more detailed breakdown.

Course Pricing

Beginner Volume with both Basic Kits $2050


Beginner Volume with both Essentials Kits $2250


Beginner Volume with both Essentials Plus Kits $2500

Book Beginners Volume Training​

Beginners volume training includes both our Classic and Volume training and Kits together at a discounted rate.

All training fees include life time support & mentoring via our exclusive student Facebook group/text/call/emails. 

The training will be 2 full days and a half day spread out over the duration of 6 weeks.