Retention 101

Retention 101​ (Short Online Course)

This course is for all lash artists who want a better understanding of the factors that affect lash retention and trouble shooting the causes.

We teach you our secrets to create long lasting lashes, with clients coming back with 60-70% of lashes at 3/4 weeks. Which keeps your clients happy and returning regularly as loyal customers, which leads to regular income!

Some topics covered:

  • how to prep
  • understanding adhesive and how you could be using it wrong, and not getting the best out of it
  • application time from pick up to placement, what glue is best for your technique
  • hormones, ph levels, medications how this can affect retention
  • attachment techniques for beer glue adherence

Plus much more!


As a lash artist of over 10 years Carly has complied a wealth of knowledge in all things lash, has kept a loyal clientele with lots of her clients being regular clients for 9 plus years !


Course Pricing

$250.00, including Flash Pro Adhesive as free gift.

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